Sightseeing Gdańsk for about 2-3 hours is a must while visiting north of Poland

If you don’t have a lot of time and you would like to get to know the essence of the historical city of Gdańsk, this offer of Gdańsk sightseeing (2-3h) is perfect for you. You will visit streets, where kings used to pass and get to know the phenomenon of the port crane – which was operational for almost 500 years. At the heart of the city there is the Neptune’s Fountain – a symbol of Gdańsk. You will feel great atmosphere of history but also lively streets.

A walk through Gdańsk starts with the so-called Royal Route. The first point of this tour is the Amber Museum. Amber is often called as the Baltic Gold and is a symbol of Gdańsk. The city can boast of numerous galleries and amber workshops. Then, on Długa Street, the group will visit the House of Uphagen. Mr. Uphagen was a wealthy citizen of Gdańsk who lived in the 18th century. A few steps away there is the Main Town Hall. This is where the Long Market begins. Next to it stands the Artus Court. Nowadays many ceremonies are held there but it used to be a meeting place for the merchants. It front of the Artus Court there is the Fountain of Neptune, God of the seas – another symbol of Gdańsk.

Then it will appear a beautiful view of the Motława River on the Długie Pobrzeże promenade. On the left you can see the Crane, a historic port crane. Then the group will turn into St. Mary’s Street, which is probably the most beautiful street in Gdańsk. The charm of this place is truly outstanding. From this place you can see St. Mary’s Basilica. It is often called the “Crown of Gdansk” and is the largest brick church in Europe. This tour of sightseeing in Gdańsk gives you the knowledge of the most valuable places in city. But most of all we want to show you the beauty and charm of Gdańsk so you can have a memorable stay in the north of Poland.

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