Historical weekend in Gdańsk

Historical weekend in Gdańsk


The rich history of Poland is our pride. Please visit us and experience our best historical attractions. You will see the so-called Royal Route with its beautiful Town Hall, Artus Court, Neptune’s Fountain. We want to show you the largest Gothic castle in the world as well as the history of Teutonic Knights and the taste of their food. On the next day, you will see Westerplatte – the place where II World War broke out. It is a special spot for us – the citizens of Gdańsk. In the heart of the city we recommend to visit the European Solidarity Centre which presents memorabilia on the history of communism, and delivers a detailed description of this system in Eastern Europe.

  • Sightseeing of an over 1000 years old city
  • Visit in Malbork – the biggest gothic castle in the world
  • Feast style dinner as in the days of knighthood
  • Boat trip to Westerplatte – place of outbreak of II World War
  • Napoleonic forts: original buildings after detailed restoration
  • Fall of communism in Europe presented in a modern and perfectly equipped European Solidarity Centre


  • To discover history of Teutonic Knights, Napoleon Wars, II World War, Communism in Europe and much more
  • To eat local cuisine
  • To see the Baltic sea
  • To see the city from a boat


  • Individuals who like history
  • Couples, a group of friends, family
  • People who like medieval architecture
  • Everyone who wants to visit Poland


  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Companion of professional tourist guide
  • Detailed presentation of historical events with visiting of their locations

We will adjust each program to the wishes of our guests and the schedule of arrivals and departures. The apartments are located in the city centre.

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