If you require a tourist guide in Krakow or its surrounding areas we can offer you the service in several languages (German, English, French, Russian etc.). Check for yourself!

Program II: This program is perfect for those visitors who would like to spend around half a day for the sightseeing and would like to get to know the part of Cracow  which is connected to its Jewish community who has been present in the city since as late as the middle ages.

Cracow – Royal Route: Matejko Square, Barbican, Floriańska Street, St. Mary Church, Kraków Cloth Hall, Town Hall Tower, Franciscan Church, Dominican Church, St. Peter and Paul Church, St. Andrew Church, Kanonicza Street, Church of St. Giles, Wawel Hill (Cathedral, Castle).

Cracow – Kazimierz: The New Cemetery, Tempel Synagogue, The New Square, Jewish Culture Center, Izaak Synagogue, High Synagogue, Old Synagogue, Remah Synagogue, Szeroka street.

Estimated time of sightseeing – around 6 hours.

Price includes:

– sightseeing in a chosen language

The price depends on the language of the sightseeing. The basic price is offered in Polish language.