How to recognize the birds on our coast? – biology, ecology, birdwatching, NATURA 2000 region

PROGRAM: Visit to Gdańsk and short sightseeing of the Old Town: Main Town, King’s Road – Long Street, (Uphagen house, Main town City Hall), Long Market, Long Riverside (Crane), St. Mary Street, St. Mary Basilica.

Drive to Sobieszewska Island – a presentation in ornithological institute (life of Baltic area birds), a walk with a tourist guide through the “Bird Paradise” reserved area.

Prices begin from 28 zł  per person, (depending on the number of participants). Price includes: tourist guide, entrance to the ornithological institute, insuranceAdditional payments: entrance tickets to St. Mary Basilica cost additional 2 zł. The price does not include transportation** possibility to order transportation through our office in attractive price