If you need a tourist gouide in Tri – City or its surrounding areas, we offer sightseeing service in a variety of langauges (German, English, French, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, etc.) and at competitive price. 

Program – If you are interested not only in Gdańsk, but also in Sopot Spa with the longest wooden pier in Europe and Tri City’s busiest promenade – Monte Cassino, this offer is for you. Before we visit Sopot, you will be able to see Gdańsk Old Town and the former seat of Cistercians – in Oliwa.

Main Town: Upland Gate, Torture Chamber, Prison Tower (Amber Muesum), King’s Road – Golden Gate, Long Street (Uphagen House, Main Town Hall), Neptune Fountain, Long Market (Artus Court, Golden Tenement House), Long Riverside (Crane), St. Mary Street, St. Mary Basilica.

Gdańsk Oliwa – Oliwa Arch cathedral, organ concert, Park in Oliwa (French part, English part, Abbots’ Palace)

Sopot – Heroes of Monte Cassino Street, Crooked House, Spa House, pier, Grand Hotel

Estimated time of sightseeing: 6 hours.


Price includes: sightseeing in a chosen language.

The price depends on language of the sightseeing.

The price does not include transportation.

There is a possibility to order transportation with us at attractive price.