If you need a tourist guide in Tri – City or its surrounding areas, we can offer you such service in a variety of languages (German, English, French, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, etc.) and in an competitive price. Check for yourself!

Program II – If you are interested not only with Gdańsk, but you would also like to get to know the history of the Gdańsk connected with the beginning of the II World War and the heroic defense of Polish soldiers, who resisted for 7 days, instead for 12 hours as initial plans predicted. First we will visit the Olt Town and have a walk along the Motława river.

Gdańsk – Main Town: Upland gate, Torture Chamber, Prison Tower (Amber Museum), King’s Road – Golden Gate, Long Street (Uphagen House, Main Town Hall), Neptune Fountain, Long Market (Artus Court, Golden Tenement House), Long Riverside (Crane), St. Mary Street, St. Mary Basilica.

Westerplatte (cruise with a ship or drive with a bus) – Westerplatte Defenders cemetery, barracks, Monument of Defenders of the Coast, guard house No. 1

Predicted time of the sightseeing: 5 hours.

Price includes:

– sightseeing in a chosen language

The price depends on the language of the sightseeing. The basic price is offered in Polish language.

The price does not include transportation*

* possibility to order transportation through our office in attractive price