If you need a tourist guide in Tri – City or it`s surrounding areas, we can offer you such service in a variety of languages (German, English, French, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, etc.) and in an competitive price. Check for yourself!

Program V – We dedicated this program to visitors who already had the chance to know Tri City and would like to experience “something more”. It depends on you, which are you will choose this time. We suggest to visit “the end of Poland”, experience the beautiful coast of Baltic sea, meet the seals and learn about some military fortifications.

Hel – cruise with a ship or a drive by bus through the peninsula – visit to the sealarium (a scientific station with grey seals). A walk along the main street in Hel (Wiejska street), where you can see the old style fishermen cottages. For those who are not afraid of heights, the possibility to visit the top of a 40 meter lighthouse. On the way to the Hel headland you can learn about military fortification built before the II World War (bunkers, fire stations). We will return to the town of Hel through an educational path.

Predicted time of the sightseeing: around 8 hours.

Price includes:

– sightseeing in a chosen language

The price depends on the language of the sightseeing. The basic price is offered in Polish language.

The price does not include transportation*

* possibility to order transportation through our office in attractive price